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What you are about to read is a lot about me. I decided to summarize my life so far, to have you get to know me a little better. VSF was created through my personality, strengths, talents, faith, and even hurt and pain. It will help you understand more what VSF is all about. -Lisa

Early Years in Vegas
I was born and raised in Las Vegas of Cuban parents. In the 70’s, Vegas was very small and all the Cubans knew each other. My parents met at Las Vegas High School (the same high school I later graduated from) and had me when they were only 18 years old. My father worked at the Las Vegas Hilton (still works there today!) he even served Elvis! He worked as a showroom waiter for many years so my younger sister, Leslie, and myself grew up watching Vegas Legends like Frank Sinatra, Englebert Humperdinkt, Tony Orlando, Donny & Marie Osmond, The Monkeys, Charo, Suzanne Somers, Barry Manilow, Gloria Estefan, and many more. But it was the beautiful show girls that really intrigued me. I knew from that point on that dance will always be part of my life.
My Early Dance Training
My father started a successful window guards and gates business in the 80’s. This helped pay for my years of training in ballet, tap, jazz,and finally my real love, gymnastics. Dance, Gymnastics, and later cheerleading kept me out of trouble, things at home with my parents weren’t always pretty and I was a very shy kid. Music and dance was what helped me overcome my shyness, keep me out of trouble, help with my insecurities, and most of all, it helped keep me sane from any negativity going on around me. However, it couldn’t save me from my parent’s ugly divorce and later getting pregnant at only 16 years old.
My Life as a teenage mom, Dancing Saved Me
Life was hard as a young single mom. By my early 20’s I was lost in life and grew very depressed. I even went to seek professional help. I won’t write every detail right now, a lot of it is heart breaking, but maybe one day I will write about it when the time is right. The good news is that at 25 years old, I picked myself back up and decided I wanted to dance again. I re-trained myself in ballet, jazz, tap, and learned ballroom,salsa, and belly dance. I wanted to learn every style of Dance. Dancing saved me emotionally and physically. Dancing helped me be a happier person and a better mom.
Why I left the Corporate World
Life sometimes can be very funny. You go through these terrible obstacles but yet those terrible things, is what leads you into something amazing. I was working for MGM Grand Hotel & Casino, during my time there I was having what most young single moms have, car and babysitting trouble. I was a very good employee winning awards all the time, but if I was 1 minute late or got up from my cubicle to make a phone call to check on my daughter, I’d loose a star! Yes just like a kid, a star! But if I were good I’d get a Star! Seriously?

One day my manager called me into her office, my baby sitting and over heating car troubles were affecting my job performance. I was young,broke, overwhelmed, and stressed! She called me in and told me its “decision day”, that she thinks maybe this job isn’t for me and I should consider looking for something else. I was such a hard worker, how could they? How about all those awards? I cried my heart out to her and told her all my problems why I had been slacking a little at work lately. I couldn’t hold back the pain or stress anymore. She didn’t care. Her job was to try to get me to quit. Then with my overwhelmed stressed teary eyes, I told her this; “I am not a quitter, I will not quit. If you like you can fire me.” Of course Corporate World does not care about your personal problems (I hope one day MGM reads this!) I was fired. However,I was able to apply for Un Employment because I was fired. MGM appealed and sent their lawyers and supervisors to fight me, I still won the appeal. Ironically during that time off on Un Employment, I was able to fix my car, find a better babysitting solution, spend more time with my daughter, and found a job at a Dance Studio!
My Dancing Career
Working for Dance Charisma Ballroom Studio in Las Vegas was a huge blessing. I never had any ballroom training. They were willing to train me while working. It was a very low paying job, but it was doing what I loved to do. Instantly I was much happier. I trained, worked, and even competed. One day, a lady calls the studio asks if we know anyone that would be interested in dancing in a show band. I volunteered myself and met her. I then became dancer for the Salsa Machine Band at the Santa Fe Hotel, the beginning of my dance career. Later my father re-married a local singer, who came with my father to watch me perform with the Salsa Machine. I wasn’t too happy with the band’s structure and pay, so I brought up the idea of starting our own band. The next 6 years I danced all over Las Vegas on many stages as dance/choreographer of The Veronica Valdes & Suave’ International Show band managed by my father. It was a high point in my life,being on a stage, and performing was my calling. It raised my self esteem, helped me get in the best shape of my life, had me smiling everyday, had me spending a lot more time with my father, and just gave me a sense of empowerment. I felt good, REALLY good! I knew however as a dancer who started late at 25 , my dance career will be short lived. By 31, I retired as a dance performer. And later by33 became an entrepreneur.
How VSF Started
I took over a Dance Studio Called SMASH in Las Vegas that mostly catered to kids. I initially started the “Pre-VSF” in 2006 with a weekly class called Sensuous Moves as a great way to get the moms to have their own fun class. I kept the program fora few months, but wanted to focus on the kids programs so I set it aside until 2009 when a friend of mine asked me if we can host a “Girls Night Out” event at my studio combining my dance choreographies with her culinary skills offering O’rdervs & wine before class. Later, after years of trials and errors on my own and moving the program from Las Vegas to San Antonio, A successful Vegas Stiletto Fitness Ladies Night Out formula was born.
Why I am so passionate for VSF
Since 2009 I have hosted hundreds of Ladies Night Out,Brides Night Out, Bachelorette Parties, and Ladies Birthday Parties seeing the same results over and over again. Ladies show up to an event, most of the time somewhat shy no t knowing what to expect, feeling a little intimidated, may be having some insecurities, or just feeling tired from the toll life has taken on them between being a mom, wife, career woman, or student. But after experiencing VSF, I see the same glow in them that I had as a showgirl. When I became a dancer in my earlier years, I was reborn. The music, the lights, the moves, the heels, the costumes,the makeup, it revived me. I needed it. Life was hard and stressful enough and I needed something that makes me happy and feel good about myself. That’s what performing and being on stage did for me. I missed it so much after I stopped that I literally would have dreams like if I were still on stage and wake up sad. I thought as a retired dancer that I would never get to experience that high again until I created VSF. My high now is not only to keep feeling sexy through VSF but I get to encourage and empower other women to have the same experience. It’s amazing what I discovered, that every day women of all shapes, ages, and dance abilities really needed this just as bad as I did.
My Goals with VSF
Certifying other instructors to do what I do was one of my goals. VSF helped me make additional stream of income over the years while having fun, feeling sexy, and empowering other women! This was the most rewarding thing I have ever done. WE are now nation wide, but my goal is to go worldwide. The other goal I have is to partner up with a non-profit organization that revolves around helping women rebuild their Self Esteem and confidence after a domestic abuse, rape, human trafficking, drug or alcohol rehabilitation, or anything traumatic a woman had to go through and needs help. Since VSF is about empowering women, I want part of membership fees to go to the non-profit I will partner with. So VSF Students and Instructors worldwide will be empowering everyday women through dance while helping fund an organization for women who have gone through traumatic situations. These are just a few of the goals,everything is costly to build, but dreams are here to make it happen:) -Lisa

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