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License to Be Sexy

Are you a mom, career woman, student, everyday woman that yearns to just feel sexy? Does your everyday routine of responsibilities have you feeling like your loosing your femininity? Vegas Stiletto Fitness is here to give you THE LICENSE TO BE SEXY!!

From the privacy of your own home you will have unlimited access to our VSF Video Library teaching you sexy dance routines that will leave you feeling like you just walked off a Vegas Stage! These routines are customized for Ladies of ALL Shapes, Ages, & Dance Abilities. We all move in our OWN UNIQUE BEAUTIFUL ways, so don't worry about how you look or which way your body moves, move to however makes YOU feel most comfortable and just have fun with it. All levels are welcomed. Learn the routines as a daily fitness, a motivational tool that inspires you, or simply add some extra spice to your life!

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  • Get access to choreographies from the VSF Library
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