License to Teach FAQ

Getting Started

Thank you for your interest in Vegas Stiletto Fitness "License To Teach". Here are the steps in getting VSF certified online

First Step
Register at and create a free profile first, you will receive an email to activate account. After you activate, log in and familiarize yourself with the site. Then when you are ready, upgrade yourself to "License To Teach" for $189. This includes your $24.95 License fee. (You will see $164.05 then $24.95 = $189:) Check your spam if you don't see it in your inbox.
Second Step
Once you are registered and logged in, Go to "Training Tools" and download and read the VSF Training Manual. This manual will help you understand your VSF business.
Third Step
Go to your video library. You will see many fun sexy instructional dance videos to choose from. Pick 1 dance and learn it to the best of your ability. After you learn it, record yourself doing the dance in the SAME 3 steps you saw in the video. FIRST, with counts only. SECOND, with counts and cues over music. THIRD, Full out with music only. Send in your video to via dropbox or private youtube.
Fourth Step
Schedule a 1 on 1 phone conference with us by emailing or calling with your availability at or call/text 210-954-6518. We will be going over the training manual, videos, and learning the business side of VSF including how and where to get started together. If you SKIP step 3 & 4, you can see still teach and start your VSF business as long as your license is active, but you will not receive a certified certificate in the mail or a "Founder Approved" badge on your profile.
Fifth Step
Start marketing yourself online (example: create a VSF Facebook Fan page for yourself) to promote your upcoming VSF business to your friends! We will help you every step of the way, just ask via email or call/text. Also, don't forget to list your info and all your VSF events, classes, and availability on your VSF profile, our VSF fan page, and on our FB VSF private instructor group page.


Vegas Stiletto Fitness is an empowering dance program that specializes in teaching sassy chair dance routines to everyday women through fun non-intimidating Ladies Night Out public events in a "Vegas Ambience". We also specialize in hosting VSF private Bachelorette or Birthday parties for women. Some instructors or dance studios also host VSF weekly classes. VSF is NOT doing push ups in heels or similar, instead we teach customized soft simple sexy dance routines for women of all shapes, ages, and dance abilities so that ANYONE can do the dance. We also offer Vegas Stiletto Hip Hop, Vegas Stiletto Twerk, and Vegas Stiletto Workout classes. The class is empowering while raising self esteem and confidence to its participants. We also give back and host charitable ladies night out events so that women are dancing for great causes while helping other women in need.
2. Why is called Vegas Stiletto Fitness?
The Founder, Lisa Valdes Romero, is a former Las Vegas performer who danced on many Vegas stages in the 90's & early 2000's. Born and raised in Las Vegas, her family migrated from Cuba Las Vegas in the early 60's. Being proud of her hometown, she placed the name "Vegas" as part of her brand to help make every woman feel like a showgirl. The word "Stiletto" to her, represents strength, empowerment, and balance something we all need in our everyday lives. However, heels are NEVER required at VSF events, its optional. The word "Fitness" represents the workout VSF provides our entire body as we repeatedly practice (just like a Vegas Showgirl) our sexy dance routines. If the participant chooses to dance VSF in heels, the workout is more intense as you balance your entire body using your core and helps with flexibility while being guided through each slow sexy movement. Vegas Stiletto Fitness is offered nation wide and going world wide. Women can do VSF just for fun and fitness as a hobby, or even start a career in it by teaching others.
3. What is the $24.95 license fee for?
VSF works like a franchise without all the franchise fees. A franchise will ask for thousands of dollars in upfront cost plus 6-20+% in royalty fees. (do your research on franchise fees) However, with VSF your only cost is a $24.95 a month license fee so you can run your own VSF mobile business in your community. Your license fee is the cost of just 1 participant, so all you need to do is have at least 1 VSF party a month to cover your monthly license fee. Your $24.95 license fee is charged every month from the day you registered. The License fee is what keeps your VSF profile active so VSF can help market you in your area for opportunities to teach VSF classes, Ladies Night Out events, and be found for clients to book you for private bachelorette and birthday parties. It also gives you unlimited access to the full video library, the latest choreographies before being released to the public, access to marketing and training tools using all the VSF logos and slogans, discounts to attend our LIVE certifications in San Antonio, TX or Las Vegas, NV we host every year, 1 on 1 coaching anytime you reach out to us, and be part of our amazing close niche VSF Instructor community. You make 100% of your own profits when booking your own parties!
4. Is this a contract?
No contracts, if you decide VSF is not for you and wish to cancel, you can do so anytime with a 30 day cancellation notice and explanation to why you are canceling emailed to us at If your $24.95 license fee is declined, it will also automatically cancel you after 30 days and down grade you back to Basic Free area, in which you cannot teach or promote yourself as VSF instructor hostess anymore. If you ever wish to reactivate you will need to re pay the certification fee of $189.
5. What if I have more questions after I am licensed?
As a VSF licensed instructor, you also become a VSF partner to call, email, text, anytime with any questions you may have for us to help you grow your business. Our goal is for you to have a Successful VSF business!
6. How does it work?
Being a VSF Instructor is like having your own affordable mobile VSF business. We are not a franchise and you are not an employee. VSF instructors run their own licensed independent VSF businesses. We teach you not only to be an instructor empowering women by teaching them sassy dance routines at ladies night out events and/or bachelorette parties, but we also teach you to be an entrepreneur and help you grow your business through our training tools, VSF training manual, marketing, and 1 on1 coaching.
7. How much income can I make?
Just like in any credible business, this is not a "get rich quick" business. You have to think like an intern of your own business in the beginning and learn how to market yourself with little or no money when starting. VSF will invest in marketing the brand in your area to help you, but it is a team effort to make sure you are successful. Once you do your first VSF Ladies Night Out or Private party, it will depend if you do this as hobby, part time, or full time. The amount you make will depend how much time and investment you put into marketing yourself. As an additional stream of income you can make an estimate of $200-$4000+/month working less than 10 hours a week while having fun empowering everyday women and helping your community!
8. How long will it take me to grow my VSF business?
If you already are an instructor of another dance fitness brand and have a following, your VSF business may bloom instantly. If you are brand new to the dance fitness industry it may take you a little longer. However, anyone who is consistent with passion and determination can succeed in VSF.
9. What is one of the great perks of VSF?
There are many. You are helping women raise self esteem and confidence by helping them come out of their shells and feel sexy again while making additional stream of income. You ONLY have to teach ONE dance routine at a time! More money, less time, less stress on your knees, while helping empower others!
10. What are upcoming future goals of VSF?
The VSF website is a huge buildout that is growing and evolving over time. Not only can you create your own profile & list your location and events on your profile calendar, have access to online instructional videos for you to learn and teach others, but it is also a social platform where women can connect, get fit, and feel sexy. A user can activate a free member account and be able to communicate with other members (similar to FB) and network other classes they teach or promote other businesses they have. They can also search and browse instructors near them to book a bachelorette or birthday party and they can learn VSF at home by becoming a VSF "License to Learn" member before feeling comfortable enough to attend a VSF live event in their area or like to have an idea of what VSF is. The future of VSF for Licensed Instructors includes clients being able to book a party & purchase tickets directly from their VSF profile, and offering incentives to instructors for recruiting their students to join our VSF community as a "License to Learn" Member or a "License to Teach" member.
11. What are the requirements to become a Licensed VSF Instructor?
You should be outgoing, confident with your own sensuality, non-competitive, be able to get along with ALL types of women with different personalities, have a positive attitude with a genuine smile on your face during every VSF event, and be coachable. You can do VSF on your spare time, part time, or full time. Our philosophy is to motivate and support one another while raising other women's self esteem. This is a TEAM effort for everyone to succeed together. It helps if you have some previous dance training, have a following, know how to break down a simple sensuous dance routine, know how to count music, and how to add "Cues". But If you do not know how, you can still get certified/licensed and we will teach you.

Please let us know if you have additional questions, we will be happy to answer them. Contact Info: 210-954-6518

Disclaimer: All information, emails, materials, formula, logos, of VSF are copyright of Vegas Stiletto Fitness LLC. Any copying, sharing, is considered a violation of infringement and will be enforced by court of law.

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